The Highest Paid players in the Barclays Premier League

Chelsea v Manchester United - Capital One Cup Fourth Round

The highest paid footballers,in the Premier League are as follows :-

1. Eden Hazard – £185.000*
2. Wayne Rooney – £180.000
3. Robin van Persie – £180.000
4. Yaya Touré – £180.000
5. Carlos Tevez – £180.000
6. Fernando Torres – £175.000
7. John Terry – £175.000
8. David Silva – £160.000
9. Samir Nasri – £140.000
10. Frank Lampard – £140.000

*Hazard is also the youngest player in this list (21 Years old).


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  1. Am sure Rooney, RVP, Yahya Toure all Earn way above £200k/w. Hw is Hazard @ £185k/w The Highest paid in The EPL?

  2. credit to Eden Hazard he ‘s a fantastic player any time and any day, but I prayer and encourage him to step up his game this season to enable our darling team Chelsea fc win laurels.

  3. I’m a Chelsea fan based in South Africa. My point is to just say, its not fare to have high paid players in the team because this its dismotivates the other players. The fact is we know that a team has some influential players who plays a big role in a team who also needs to be praised by giving them more money, but the money which are being given should not be much because they don’t play themselves only, they are being helped with their mates. And even when its comes to sell a player, its must not be soo expensive like maybe he is only one who is going to change the Club. Some players are too much expensive but they are doing nothing at that particular Club. Players must be sold at the same price.

  4. man-u shl beba te cup

  5. Eden Hazard will be d world highest paid player

  6. igbatile joshua

    i think those players deserve that and even more than dat

  7. I’m very happy hazards is high paid 4 piramer up chelsea 4 life

  8. Wow! Interesting, so IF Eden Hazard transfer to another team he could get more that what he is earning right now, right? Well that’s just a “what if”, I don’t think Chelsea could afford to lose a great player like Eden. 🙂

  9. daniel gbenge

    Three excellent finishes from the
    German, who got his first Chelsea hat-
    trick in a 3-1 win at Craven Cottage.
    Has struggled to make much of an
    impact this season but showed his
    value here.

  10. i love u all. thank u so so so much.

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